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Shocking News: The Weather is Unpredictable


Corn Harvest 2011

It’s tragic, but things happen. Weather is very unpredictable, and is one of the many unpredictable factors we have to deal with here on the dairy farm. We have been busy harvesting this year’s corn crop. We have been working on it for the past couple of weeks, but now we had to stop because of the weather.

The weather has been pretty strange. We had a storm that came through last week, and it rained pretty hard. It was pretty windy too. So now we have to stop the harvest because the fields are too wet. We can’t drive the equipment in the fields because it’s too wet and things will get stuck. So we have to wait for the fields to dry up.

Wind Damage

Unfortunately, we didn’t finish cutting the crop before the storm, and had a few more fields to go. Some of the corn blew over now.

It won’t be fun harvesting the crop now, and will take much longer to finish. Not fun. Hopefully things can dry out, and we can finish harvesting before it starts raining again. I got some interesting pictures though.

**Summers over, here’s the first mud puddle of the winter**

**We got most of the corn harvested, but not all**

**A field that we finished cutting**

California Corn Field

**What a corn field should look like**

**Our corn field now…**


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