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Calcium Supplements vs. Milk


Calcium Supplements vs. Milk

Over the weekend I came across a video about Calcium supplements that is apparently “revolutionary” in the medical field.

A study has shown that people who take Calcium supplements are at a 30% increased risk for heart attack. The Calcium taken by supplements builds up in the coronary arteries and creates blockages making people more susceptible to heart attacks.

Instead of calcium supplements, people should try to implement more foods that are high in Calcium. Foods high in Calcium don’t create blockages because the Calcium is absorbed more slowly.

People looking to add more calcium to their diets should drink more milk, or eat more dairy products. Dairy products are one of the best sources for Calcium, and all the nutrients in milk help your body absorb the Calcium more efficiently.

The doctor in the video suggested that only older women that are high risk for heart attacks should stop taking Calcium supplement, but it is still alright for young people to take Calcium supplements. This clearly makes no sense though; young people while not being at risk for heart attacks have longer to build up the Calcium in the coronary arteries. Therefore young people should also stop taking Calcium supplements to stop the build up that will lead to heart attacks when they are older.

Instead of wasting money on various supplements, people should look to nutrients that are readily available in foods. Natural food sources offer a greater absorption of nutrients. So stop taking Calcium supplements, and go out and drink some more milk. Your body will thank you when your old!



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