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10 Facts about the Nature of Jersey Cows


Jersey cows are interesting creatures, and can be very unique compared to the other dairy breeds. Even though they are the smallest breed of dairy cattle, it doesn’t keep them from having some of the biggest personalities.

Here are a few interesting facts about the nature of Jerseys that set them apart from the other dairy breeds: 

1- They hang out in groups

Jersey cow groups


2- They are extremely curious. They like to be in the know about everything

Jersey cows are curious

They’re kind of nosey

3- They are the cutest babies

Jersey Calf

Baby De-calf

4- They can be the leaders of the herd

Jersey cows are leaders

The herd leaders

5- They like playing with their tongues

Jersey cows

When you get bored, you have to come up with creative things to do

6- The Jersey bulls make up for their small size with attitude. They are the meanest bulls

Jersey bull

Small size, big attitude

7- They are great moms

Jersey cow

8- They have the most stylish eyes


9- Are always the instigators and troublemakers

She likes making noise… Lots of noise… Every day (more)

10- Did I mention they’re the cutest

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  1. They eat everything, not only the grass in the fields but also the rope that keeps the fence closed, the hose that feeds their drinking supply and the electrical system of the tractor ( while I was busy rescueing one off them that fell in a ditch filled with water.) Thougt that they had a lack of minerals but they have the possibilty to lick minerals all day from several big buckets in the pasture but still they eat eat and lick everything.

    • Yeah, I thought the same about a mineral deficiency, but it seems like its just their nature – We had a barn with wooden beams and they chew on them. They even chew and suck on the metal pipes of the fences. You can see a video on my youtube channel

      • We start building a new barn in october. Think I will pay extra attention to the things they can chew on like for example milkrobots.

  2. Mine eats anything She can get her hands on. She is 4 months old now and keeping things out of the reach of her tongue is getting harder and harder. THEY MAKE GREAT HORSES. my little girl HarleyQuinn does show jumping. The video is old as she is 4 months now. She jumps much better now. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UloIxSLT3ss

  3. Jersey cows, store Copper most efficiently. The Most Resilient Cow, and By Far The Best Producers.

  4. When i was a rural postman i lost quite a few wing mirrors at a farm that had Jerseys Quite embaresing explaining to he mechanics .

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