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Why you should care about dairy


Dairy is tied into the fabric of life

June is dairy month, but who really cares… Unless you’re involved in dairy, many people don’t really notice dairy as being an important part of human culture. But dairy really is impactful to modern society, and is tied into the very fabric of reality. Of course living and working on our dairy farm probably gives me a different viewpoint, but I think there are a few unique reasons why you should care about dairy month.

1- It’s the only nutritious food that tastes good

Let’s face it, dairy products are the only foods that are nutritious AND taste good! Yogurt not only makes a fabulously fast, great tasting breakfast, but also powers your body with a blend of protein, vitamins, and probiotics to keep you going throughout the day. Dairy is one of the few NATURAL foods packed with so many nutrients. The amount of nutrients packed into one glass of milk is unparalleled when compared to other beverage choices out there. The most interesting part about milk is that the components (protein, fat, vitamins, calcium, ect.) all work together to make these nutrients readily available for your body. Dairy is nature’s superfood; thank goodness it tastes good.

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2- Dairy products are a shared part of human existence

Milk and dairy products are a shared part of human existence. Many people might be surprised, but dairy is not an invention of Western civilization. People have been drinking milk for thousands of years. Researchers have discovered that milk residues have been found in clay pottery dating 7,000 years ago. Consumption of dairy products started in East Asia before 5,000 B.C. then spread to the plains in Africa. How many things in the world link us to the people of the past? When you eat dairy products, you’re not just eating; you’re sharing something that has affected virtually all of humanity.

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3- Dairy is more than food, it’s an experience.

Probably one of the more subtle ways dairy plays a role in society is through its bonding people together though food. Nothing brings people together like food, and that includes dairy. How many families share pizza together, or make a family trip to the local ice cream shop. How many lives have been changed though a simple milkshake. Dairy products have been bridges that help bring people together. Dairy is more than just food; it’s something that brings people together. It’s an experience.

Milkshakes really did bring people together. Read about Greg and how he started a social revolution with milkshakes.

More recently, the viral Harlem Shake videos, on YouTube, mutated into the Harlem Milkshake where people added milk to their spoof. Quite a strange development, but nonetheless another example of how dairy brings people together.

I have no idea what this song is about, but this popular K-pop (Korean pop) artist apparently really likes ice cream.

You should care about dairy because society depends on it

So why care about dairy month; because it’s one of the few products that are nutritious and tastes good, because it’s a shared part of human existence, and because it brings people together. Dairy keeps humanity going.

In one way or another, dairy impacts us all. Modern day civilization would collapse without dairy products. Think about it. Think about the college students that would starve without pizza, and mac and cheese to keep them going throughout the semester. Or think about all the weight trainers out there, and how frail they would be without their protein drinks. What would happen to all the coffee drinkers if they couldn’t get cream in their iced caramel macchiato, or caffe vanilla frapachinos. What would the wine connoisseurs do if they didn’t have cheese to go with their wines. While we may not think of dairy as a very important part of life, it’s there, hidden in the very fabric of our society.

I think those are some pretty awesome reasons why you should join me in celebrating dairy month this June.

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