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The World Ag Expo 2013


About the Farm Show

Every year, the annual World Ag Expo is held in Tulare, California. The event is one of the largest agricultural shows in the world, and brings in about 100,000 people in the 3 days its open. Every year, our family attends the show to look for new products that can help benefit our farm.

There are many vendors at the show displaying their products, and introducing new innovations and technology that we can use at the farm. The adventure is in finding the new products that will help bring about improvements for our farm. The goal of course being to increase our cost savings, discover new ways to keep our cows comfortable, and learn about new practices that can make our farm more sustainable.

There are also a variety of seminars that you can attend, to increase your knowledge of agricultural issues, and expand your understanding of modern production methods.

Because we live in California, it is really convenient for us to attend the show. Even so, there are people that attend from all over the world. It is truly an international event.

Tulare World Ag Expo

World Ag Expo

Cool Innovations

Usually, we find some really cool innovations. For example, one year we found robots that will milk your cows. This year, one of the cool new innovations was a product that tracks the health and reproductive status of dairy cows. The system continually monitors the cow’s temperature, and will alert you if the cow’s temperature is abnormal. It helps you find sick cows faster so you can then take steps to help make the cow healthy again. It is really interesting that technology is helping to improve the lives of people, but people forget that technology is actually helping to improve the lives of cows also! It will be interesting to see what new innovations will be there next year.

 Feed Mixer

**Stationary feed mixer**

World Ag Expo

**Plastic cows so dairymen remember what cows look like**

Tractor for Chicks

**Tractor just for chicks**

World Ag Exposition

**Plenty of farm equipment at the show**

Questions/ comments

Have you attended the World Ag Expo, or something similar? What was the coolest thing you seen?


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