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The Reason Why California Cows are Happy


A Dry Winter

California is well-known for its sunny Mediterranean climate. Apparently, the weather this year is trying to prove this point.

The cows, at the dairy, are definitely enjoying the weather here in California. It’s been a very strange winter, weather-wise. Usually we get a good amount of rain during the winter. But so far it’s been pretty nice with sunshine, and 60- 70 degree weather.

Normally we get a lot of rain this time of year, but the weather has been pretty mild. We haven’t had a lot of snow either. The troubling part of all this is that California gets much of its water from the Sierra Nevada mountain range. We depend on the snowpack in the mountains for water during the summer as the snow melts. But no worries, there is still plenty of time for the storms to come through.

The cows  Cows searching the skies

**The cows searching the skies for rain. Cows lounging in the sunny corral is a rare sight in January**

Usually during the winter months, we don’t have to irrigate the fields. But it hasn’t rained yet so many farmers in the area are starting their pumps to irrigate the fields. Winter is usually easier for farming noting the weather does the irrigating for us. This year is obviously different.


**Left: our neighbors irrigate the Almond trees,  irrigating rarely happens in January. Right: A dry field**

So until the storms come, we are enjoying the nice sunny California weather. The cows seem to be enjoying the weather. They are out and about. The corrals are still open since it’s been so dry, and the cows are out basking in the glorious sunshine. The rain will come eventually, but in the meantime, we aren’t complaining about the nice sunny weather.


**Left: Irrigating the oat field. Right: the babies enjoying the awesome winter weather**

How can the cows not be happy with all this sunshine! It’s definitely the reason why California cows are so happy.


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