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The Roosters – Roosty and Rousty

No farm is complete without a rooster. On our farm, my brother raises chickens so naturally there are a few big roosters.

A few of the roosters have escaped the coop, and they wander around our dairy freely. Luckily, they don’t stray far from where they get fed, and wander mostly near the baby calves.

Two of the roosters, Roosty and Rousty, are unique characters. When you first meet them, they seem like nice little roosters, but they are not nice

When Roosters Attack

Roosty and Rousty bffs

**Roosty and Rousty are BFFs**

We will be out there minding our own business, feeding the baby calves, and before you know it, one of the roosters will pop out of nowhere. The rooster will be calmly pecking the ground pretending to look for food, but it’s really a trap.

Once they get close enough to you, they attack. It’s great fun, and it keeps my sisters very aware of their surroundings.

It’s been pretty fun. I actually made a short video of their experience with Roosty that you can watch.

**A Tribute to our Roosters**

A Rooster Named Red Eyes

This is not the first time we’ve had crazy roosters though. When I was growing up, we had a Rhode Island Red rooster named Red Eyes. Red eyes got his name from, you guessed it, his red eyes.

Red Eyes was a lot crazier than Roosty and Rousty. We tried keeping him in the chicken coop, but he was too clever. He always found ways to escape the coop. Usually he dug a hole right under the chicken wire, and tunneled his way out.

Getting him back in the coop was no small chore so eventually we gave up. So Red Eyes wandered around the dairy freely much like Roosty and Rousty.

Red Eyes attacked everyone though, and he didn’t calmly inch his way towards you like our other roosters. In fact, he did the complete opposite, and ran after everyone.

I remember one time I was riding my bike at the dairy. I spotted Red Eyes so I quickly stopped, but it was too late. Red Eyes had also spotted me. He quickly ran towards me, and then flew directly at my head. Luckily I was able to dodge him, and ride off. It was quite an experience though.

Be Courageous like a Rooster

Roosty the rooster

I find roosters to be very inspiring. I think it’s quite fascinating that these animals will attack people. They are so small and light that they can’t cause much harm. While these animals are only acting on their instincts, I think it serves as a good reminder that we should be courageous, and attack our fears head on just like a rooster.

Have you had any experiences with crazy roosters? How have they influenced you? Feel free to share your stories and thoughts here.



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