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The Easter Bunny Really does Exist!


New Rabbits Born

Sure, Easter isn’t really about chocolate eggs, and bunnies, and stuff, but the timing was perfect. We got to celebrate Easter with some new friends this year, Easter bunnies!

We used to have just two bunnies, Cottonball and Bubbles, but they got together and had some kids. Now They are now the proud parents of 3 little babies.

My brother got Cottonball and bubbles last year. They are Netherland dwarf rabbits. Dutch bunnies. You can read my posting about Cottonball, and Bubbles last year.


**The proud parents, Cottonball (left) and Bubbles (right)**

Cottonball got her name because she basically looks like a big Cottonball. Pretty convenient right. Unfortunately, we still are puzzled as to how bubbles got his name. Surprisingly though, his name fits his bubbly personality.

My brother put Cottonball and bubbles together just a few months ago, and poof, babies appeared in no time at all!


**Cottonball in her nest after having the babies (left), and the babies (right)**


**Speckles (left) and Sleepy (right)**

The babies were born just a few weeks ago, but they are pretty big. They already have hair, and love hopping around with their mom. We have a little cage so they can play in the lawn safely. The cats are out prowling around so we have to watch them closely. The cats are like little tigers waiting for an easy meal. At night, the bunnies have a much larger cage they can play around in and stay safe.

There are 3 babies. Two are brown, and one is black and white. The brown ones are named sleepy, because he sleeps all the time, and Ozzie, an explorer who continually searches for adventure. The black and white one is named speckles for obvious reasons.

It’s been pretty fun having Easter bunnies around. They’ve definitely made this an unforgettable Easter Sunday!! I hope everyone is having a great Easter this year!







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