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Rebellious Wubbzy keeps things interesting!


Wow Wow Wubbzy’s Teen Years

Wow Wow Wubbzy Wubbzy Wubbzy Wow Wow has been one of the main focuses of this blog so far, mainly because of his movie star like status! Wubbzy is kind of a rebel, and doesn’t think rules apply to him. He’s just that hip!

As mentioned before, Wubbzy isn’t very big, especially considering his age. His small size has really in a way empowered him to be a rebel. Yesterday I found him just wandering around the dairy. We don’t allow cows to wander aimlessly around the dairy for basic safety reasons. For example, they could wander out onto the road and be hit by a car. That would not be good.

But Wubbzy makes his own rules! Wubbzy is so small; he simply walks under gates, or slips through the man holes in the fence that are made for people. Wubbzy’s main goal to wandering is usually finding better food.

Wubbzy keeps things interesting on the dairy. Even though he’s a rebel and doesn’t follow the rules, Wubbzy’s rebellious nature definitely keeps things exciting, and keeps us from falling into dull routines. The following is a picture of Wubbzy wandering around the dairy.

(Random Fact: It rained and it’s the end of June, that never happens in California. See in the picture it looks like winter)



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