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Meet the Other Dairy Pets!


The Pets at the Dairy

Just like any other farm or dairy, cats plague our dairy. The cats have a job at the dairy, to help keep the mice population at bay, at least the ones that eat mice. Most of the cats have a pretty easy life on the dairy since there’s a lot of easy food. So keeping mice at bay is not always a priority for them.

The cat population on our dairy has been exploding. Our cat family started out when some friends wanted to give away some of their cats. We happily accepted, and it’s been pretty interesting since then.

We started with Tigger, Montague (AKA Monty), Oliver (AKA Lollipop), Snuggles, and Rosie. Then two of them got together and now we also have Scooter, Mickey, Miney (AKA Nancy), Nugget and Smudge. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more later.

We have so many pictures of these cats I thought I’d post some pictures of them.

Rusty and Ace are our 2 dogs. Rusty is the German Sheppard, who at this point is over 10 years old, named because he is pretty rusty looking. Rusty likes to keep Ace in line. Ace, the black and white one, is the herding dog and is named because we picked him up for free at an Ace Hardware store for free. He is a pretty energetic dog with hobbies including herding cows, feeding baby calves, and halting calves.

The following are a few pictures: (most are of Smudge and Scooter)



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