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Cows eat some strange things


Feeding the Cows

Cows can eat some strange things. On our dairy, we feed a variety of different things to our cows. Some people think feeding cows is pretty simple, but it’s not. Different cows have different nutritional requirements. So we have a cow nutritionist help us put different ingredients together to make sure the cows get enough energy, protein, ect. It’s really quite scientific!

What we feed on the dairy depends largely on availability, price, nutrition profile, and ingredient quality. Sometimes we feed by-products from other industries; for example tomato pumice, and grape pumice (the leftover pulp from grapes). Cows are great recyclers, they can convert these feeds into milk.

You can read more about the complex science behind feeding cows in a previous post I did.

Pickle Season Pickles for the Cows

Currently its pickle season. When a pickle falls on the ground at the pickle plant, its thrown out. There’s really nothing wrong with the pickles though so we are feeding these pickles to the cows. The pickle plant also pickles other vegetables such as cabbages, sweet peppers, and jalapenos. So the cows have been getting some new flavors in their daily ration.

Cow Reacts to eating Pickles and Jalapenos

I took some time to make a video of a cows reaction to her new foods. It’s interesting to watch so I made a video. The videos are of the same cow, so watch her reaction as she tries a pickle and some jalapenos.

Surprisingly, I think the cow enjoyed the pickle. She eats them whole! It’s was funny watching her eat the jalapenos. The jalapenos are spicy so after the cow ate them she kept licking her lips. I think her mouth was on fire.

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  1. I have cows that are eating strange things ( well chewing at least ) like bits of wood , stones, rubber, even water pipe. I believe they are deficient in something, but how do I work out what? I guess a multi mineral lick will help

    • Yeah, that’s usually a sign that their diet is deficient in something. Try putting a mineral block out there. That usually will do the trick. You can get a bit more into it if that doesn’t work – have your veterinarian take a blood sample. The test can analyze which mineral specifically they are deficient in. Might be worth the trouble, especially if you notice a decline in health

  2. It is said that cows will eat whatever they can get in their mouths. I’ve seen cows eat paper,plastic,cardboard,hankies,shirts and even underwear. Sometimes some of my cows will steal my hankies and eat them. It’s amazing that they can digest these things.


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