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Bio-hacking your Body with Butter


Butter in your Coffee

We were wrong about saturated fats. They are not bad for you, and are essential to good health and nutrition. Upgrade your diet, by putting butter in your morning coffee. 

There is a revolution going on in America today. Everything  we knew about nutrition is not as we thought.

In fact, newspapers and periodicals everywhere are admitting that previously held views on health and nutrition were actually dead wrong.

Fat is no longer the enemy of good health, and instead researchers have proven that saturated fats found in dairy products are actually essential to good health.

It’s hard to admit when you’ve made a mistake, and that’s what has made this newest admission so powerful. The fact that media everywhere is recognizing that fats are good for you means that the evidence is overwhelmingly supportive of this fact.

Research has showing that taking fat out of our diets has actually done more harm than good. According to the old belief, taking fat out of our diets should have made us healthier. Instead, there is a health epidemic. Our bodies need fat. For good health, we need to include fat in our diets.

2014 will be remembered as the year we recognized we were wrong about fats. The war on saturated fat is over:

NY time mark bittman

**Food writer Mark Bittman notes that “Butter is Back.”**


WSJ saturated fat

**The Wall Street Journal declares we were wrong about fat**

Time magazine eat butter.

**Time magazine’s cover and featured article notes that we were wrong about fats. We need to eat butter**

Bio-hack your diet

With this sweeping paradigm shift, people everywhere are changing their diets. Instead of the old low fat diets, people are recognizing the health benefits that healthy fats bring to the table. In fact, fats are life changing superfoods.

The fat in dairy products in particular can improve your health tremendously. There are so many benefits to including dairy in your diet. It makes sense right, why would Mother Nature include a toxin in something that was meant to serve as nourishment to others.

People are understanding this, and upgrading their diets accordingly. It’s time to enjoy our food again.

One the most radical trends right now is adding butter to your coffee.

Sounds gross right. But if you think about it, butter is no different than the cream that you put in your coffee. It’s just a more concentrated form of healthy dairy fat. Basically, you’re adding a more concentrated boost of healthy fats to your coffee.

The origin of the trend

Interestingly, the creator of this trend is Silicon Valley entrepreneur David Asprey who calls himself the Bullet-Proof Executive. According to Asprey, he spent several years and over $300,000 trying to find ways to bio-hack his body. In other words, Asprey was trying to find the best, and most effective ways to maximize his body’s health and performance. He claims he was able to increase his IQ by 20 points, lose 100 lbs., magnify his mental performance, and set his career on fire.

Asprey didn’t just make this butter in coffee thing up, he discovered it in the mountains of Tibet approximately 18,000 feet near the elevations of Mt. Kailash at the home of a local. Asprey was welcomed into the home of a local who served him a creamy cup of tea with yak butter. After spending time in the cold -10 degree weather, Asprey found that the tea with yak butter was extremely refreshing, and helped him revitalize his energy stores.

Bullet-proof executive

**David Asprey, the bullet-proof executive bio-hacks his body by adding butter to his coffee**

The benefits

The benefits of adding butter to your coffee are enormous. According to Asprey, the butter fuels your body, and reduces your hunger cravings for hours. This obviously helps you eat less carbohydrates, and sugar. Asprey uses his butter in coffee as a quick morning breakfast that actually fuels the body.

Asprey also talks a lot on his blog about the benefits of eating a high fat diet. One interesting point that Asprey notes is that fat is a much cheaper source of energy. If you eat a diet high in fat, you actually can save countless dollars at the grocery store simply because fats are a more concentrated source of calories. If you’re getting more calories from fats, you’re eating fat fewer insulin-raising carbohydrates and sugars.

There are of course numerous other benefits to eating fats. You can read about them in my previous blog post. Just a few:

  • Nutrient dense
  • Improved vitamin absorption
  • Fuels your brain
  • Improves cholesterol
  • Revitalizes your body’s cells
  • Anti-stiffening
  • Protects your gut
  • Anti-cancer
  • Anti-heart disease
  • Hormone regulation

If you haven’t heard of adding butter to your coffee, I would urge you to give it a try. It’s a rare thing when being healthy can taste so good. Change your diet. Fuel your body on good, healthy fats. It can actually help improve your body’s performance. Start the change, bio-hack your body with butter.

Let me know your experience in the comments.

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