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Welcome – Dairy Moos is a play on words for “dairy news.” It’s a terrible pun I will admit, but memorable. And dairy information should be newsworthy because there is a lot of interesting things we have forgotten about cows, milk, and dairy.

I started writing this blog because there was so much misinformation about cows and milk online. It seemed like the farmer’s perspective was not being heard. Farmers do try to give the cows the best care possible. The better you take care of cows, the better they take care of the farmer. That is one of the fundamental karmic rules of the universe. Cows are treated better on farms today than any time in history. Technology and knowledge is making their lives better just like its making our lives better. Hopefully my writings and posts demonstrate this.

Milk and nutrition is another interesting topic. I studied dairy chemistry and its molecular composition when at college and found it fascinating. There are so many bioactive compounds in milk, yet we still don’t know how they all affect our health. Emerging research about saturated fats is proving that we didn’t know much about fat. We lumped it into a broad category, when each fatty acid has different affects on the body. Butyric acid for example (a primary fatty acid in butter and cheese) has been shown to reduced obesity, increase a person’s metabolism, and prevent cancer. Check out some of my articles to read more about how milk can make your body better.

Humanity has been eating meat and dairy products longer than we have been eating grains and other farm foods. Which is why trends like veganism will be proven to be fads. The men and women is history drank milk and lived health lives. Viking warriors lived on an abundance of milk, yet they never worried about milk myths like “are there female hormones in milk.” Milk was at the center of many ancient cultures and it made them survivors and strong, fierce warriors. Milk is still as wholesome today as it was in the past and it is still a foundational food that will give your body what it needs.

It is all about eating nutrient dense foods.

About Me

I am a 3rd generation dairyman. My grandfather started our California farm back in the 1950s, but we can trace our coexistence with cows back to the 1520s in the Netherlands. Today, I am working with my parents and 7 brothers and sisters on our family farm to take care of the cows and feed people. It’s interesting because dairy is still one of the more family oriented businesses around. 99% of dairy farms are family owned and operated

There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that the milk from our farm is making a positive impact on the people who drink it. Feeding people is what it’s all about.

Read more about me in this article about dairy in my DNA



  1. I’m a vegan. However, I believe that I am open minded enough to listen to all sides of an argument and evaluate all possibilities. (I’m also a family mediator, so I sort of have to be open minded!)

    I gave up all animal products, first, because of severe health issues (diabetes, high cholesterol, high BP, etc) and research which lead me to try a vegan diet (Dr. Neal Barnard’s book, Program To Reverse Diabetes). Following that program was successful; within 3 months all my numbers were healthy.

    Seeing how effective a vegan diet was for my health convinced me to stay away from animal products – meat, dairy, eggs. I have also become very interested in what I consider unhealthy trends in the animal farming industry. Most of the information that makes the news is, of course, inflammatory, as with all other subjects. Therefore, I am glad to see a reasoned voice from “the other side.”

    I do have acquaintances who raise cattle in a way similar to the methods you portray. They, too, object to the generalizations that all cattle raising is the factory-farm kind. I have subscribed to your blog so that I can follow your information, and I will advise others to read and consider your points.

    I will never go back to eating meat because of my health conditions, but I am glad to see that you and other ranchers take care of your animals. I sincerely believe that when God gave us “dominion” over animals He intended for us to care and watch over and provide for them.

    Thank you for creating this blog.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog! I really appreciate the feedback. If you have any specific questions or want my opinion about dairy, cows, or dairy products in general let me know, and I’ll do a posting!

    I’m glad that you willing to listen to all sides of an argument. You are a rare breed. Many people are dead set in an opinion, but don’t even want to listen to other sides.

    That was basically my goal to writing this blog, to even out the argument. As a dairyman, we spend the majority of our time working on the farm, and very little time talking to people about what we do.

    When I read things about dairy, I find that the people writing have little knowledge of the dairy industry, what goes on at the dairy, and about dairy products in general. I spent the last 5 years of my life in college at California Polytechnic State University, one of the most prominent universities for dairy in the world, learning about dairy cows, and dairy products so I think I can answer many questions about this topic.

    I have found that a lot of the negative health claims against milk are actually waning as new research is done on milk and dairy products. There are actually some really great benefits to eating a balanced diet with dairy products! Many of the negative aspects of dairy products are actually completely false, like antibiotics. I will be doing a posting on this later.

    I’m not trying to negate what Dr. Barnard’s program is about. If you were able to get better following his program, that’s great!

    Yes, God did intend for us to watch over and care for animals. Our family has spent our lives taking care of the cows on our dairy and it’s really in our best interest to take care of them. Hopefully though this blog people can realize this!

    Thanks again, and let me know if you have any questions!

  3. Dear Dairy Guy,

    Great story of your family and how you started and so glad you are carrying on the tradition but with a modern twist. I am president of a non-profit Educational Foundation that brings young farmers to the USA from many countries who participate in Training programs and internships for a 12 month period. These people have the theoretical knowledge and some hands on practical but need more. If you are interested please email me at dave@wisefoundation.com

  4. Hi : ) i know cows can live to over 20 years sometimes over 25, so please can you tell me the age of the male cows when they are sent to be killed, you describe this as being maturity in your blog.

    Thank you



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