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6 Steps: How to make a really, really good homemade Pizza!


How to make the best Pizza ever!

If you’ve ever thought about making your own pizza, you should! Homemade pizza tastes much better than store bought pizza. It’s easier to order a pizza than make one, but you just don’t get the fresh factor unless you make your own. Every Sunday, it seems to be our tradition to have homemade pizza for dinner. My mom has done a lot of experimenting to find the perfect recipe. I think she found it so I decided to share a few tips on how you can make an awesome homemade pizza!

For the Dairy Moo’s pizza making guide, click here for the recipe

Step 1: Make your own pizza dough

**Make the Dough**

My mom used to buy a pre-made pizza crust because it was easier, but it didn’t really taste that great. So eventually, we got tired of the store bought dough, and thought it could be better. So the experimenting began! She tried many different pizza dough recipes until we all decided on the perfect one.

There are so many different types of pizza dough you can make so it all depends on your preference. Do you like a thin crust, a thick crust, a crispy crust, or a really fluffy crust? Whatever your preference, you can find a pizza dough recipe. So it’s up to you to find out what kind of crust you like.

One useful tip for making a really great pizza is the way you cook your crust. Invest in a pizza stone. It cooks the crust more evenly, and really makes your pizza top notch. Do it!

Here’s my mom’s favorite dough recipe

Step 2: Use homemade salsa as a base for your pizza sauce

Secret number 2 is all about how you make the sauce. My mom makes her own salsa, and it always taste great. So one day she decided to add it to the pizza. The result is a truly awesome pizza sauce. The salsa spices things up, and adds a little unique kick to the pizza.

Probably the key to this step would be making the salsa. Unfortunately, my mom is not willing to share this secret… So start experimenting 🙂

Step 3: Add some home grown produce

**Add fresh Veggies**

Grow a small garden! You only need to grow a few plants, to get fresh produce for your pizza each week. Just plant a few tomatoes, onions, peppers, ect. These plants grow like weeds so not much care required.

Plant a variety of peppers. There is a wide variety of different peppers available, and they all have unique flavors. You can’t have a fresh tasting pizza without adding some fresh veggies.

Step 4: Add the meat

**Add some Meat**

Add the meat. This step is pretty basic. Choose whatever kind of meat you like. Most people choose pepperoni, but try something new and experiment with different kinds of sausages. There are some really good meats out there that can add a unique spin on your pizza.

Basically try to be unique with your pizza. Sure you could make a pizza that tastes similar to dominos, but why would you do that. Be adventurous.

Step 5: Load your pizza with cheese

**Load it up with Cheese**

I think this is one of the most critical steps. It’s all about the cheese. Let me repeat that, its all about the cheese!

You can make your own pizza cheese. For awhile, I was making the cheese for our pizza. Making a really good mozzarella isn’t really that hard. It only takes about 30 min! Click here for a simple recipe. (I haven’t tried this one) Or click here for a kit you can buy with everything you’ll need. (I used this one and it works great). It’s very simple to make, you just have to follow the steps.

Or you can be less adventurous and buy your cheese. This works to, except you take a lot of fun out of the process. Use some mozzarella, but also try using some different kinds of cheese. Mozzarella has a pretty plain taste, so try adding some extra sharp Cheddar cheese, or some smoked Gouda to add some flavor. There are so many different cheeses out there with a variety of flavors. They will make your pizza taste great. So use them.

Step 6: Enjoy the fruits of your labor


If your mouth is watering at this point, I suggest you start working on your pizza. It’s not hard to make a great tasting pizza. There are plenty of good restaurants that make some pretty good pizzas, but I don’t think anything compares to a great homemade pizza. Fresh is best!

It just takes some practice! But once you have your system down, and your recipe perfected, your friend will all be envious of your awesome new skill.

For the Dairy Moo’s pizza making guide, click here for the recipe


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