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5 Unique Life lessons from the Cows


Bovine Philosophy 101

Growing up on the dairy teaches you a lot about life. There are so many life lessons that you can learn working with animals on a farm. The cows in particular are great teachers. They can teach you how to be a better person. I’ve personally learned a lot working with them. So what can you learn from cows anyways. Here are 5 important life lessons that I’ve learned in my time working with the cows:

1. When you love others, they will love you back

Take care of the cows and they will take care of you: When you’re taking care of the cows, you quickly discover that having a vigilant focus on your cows comfort and well-being is the key to successful dairy farm. Healthy, happy cows give more milk, and lead far more productive lives than cows that aren’t treated well. It’s been scientifically proven that cows with more love in their life will outperform any cows that aren’t being treated well.

Happy cows

**Take care of others, and they will take care of you**

2. Adopt an attitude of patience

One of the biggest lessons you learn working with cows is patience. Cows by nature are very calm gentle animals. They don’t get super hyper, but instead just mosey though life at a steady, constant pace. Being that they weigh 1,500 lbs. on average, they have the right to do whatever they like. Working with them is a good lesson in patience.

3. If you’re being rude, you’re going to be kicked

If you’re acting crazy, being obnoxious, or sneaking up abruptly on the cows you are going to be kicked. There are no ifs ands or buts about it; Bessie is going to give you a good strong kick. Hooves don’t feel good, but they do knock some sense into you. It teaches you that being callous, or insensitive to those around you will ultimately end up coming back to you in a negative way. Better to be thoughtful, and understanding when your around others.

A cow kick will knock sense into anyone

**Being rude will get you kicked**

4. Sometimes pushing is useless, you need to lead

When you’re trying to herd the cows, sometimes trying to push them is pointless. The cows would rather explore, or try to gather around you. Pushing them in this kind of a situation is very difficult. But a better way is just to lead them. Lead and they will follow. This kind of attitude can also apply in life. Don’t push; lead.

5. Go slow to go fast

This is something that people with little experience working with cows find difficult to understand. You can actually get your job done faster by going slower. Rushing around trying to go fast is not how cows operate, but instead they like slow and steady movement to rushed hasty ones. Being slow and gentle keeps the cows calm and relaxed. It seems contrary right, but if you go slow and are gentle, the cows cooperate like champions. This obviously makes your job much more relaxing and enjoyable. This kind of attitude can make life in general better. Stop rushing around, you’re only stressing yourself out. Slow down and enjoy life where you’re at. It will go by fast enough

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Summing them up

If you could sum up the general philosophy of life lessons from cows, it would probably be to slow down and adopt a carefree attitude. In our culture today, there is this huge emphasis on doing things, filling up your calendar and going a million miles a minute. Maybe we should be more like cows. Perhaps we should adopt the general attitude of a cow. Slow down, be gentle, relax, and enjoy life more.

Probably one of the most important lessons from the cows though, would be to make sure your giving love to those around you. While we don’t feed people like cows do, there is definitely something every one of us can do to show love to others.

What do you think?

If you have lessons from your pets, feel free to share. I’d love to hear what they’ve taught you