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5 More Life Lessons from the Cows


Working with cows can teach you many of life’s lessons. I did a post awhile back about life lessons from the cows, but thought of a few more life lessons that you can learn from cows.

1- Cows explore all the boundaries

When you release cows in a new pasture, they will not go to the center – instead, they will run around the entire circumference and explore all the boundaries of their new environment. I was talking to a cattle rancher about the lessons we can learn from cows. He said this lesson helped him take better care of kids – he raised several foster kids. Put a kid in a new environment means they will test all the rules and boundaries and see what they can get away with. He learned this lesson working with cows.

2- Live in Harmony with Others

Ever see cows at war? They can have plenty of space and open fields, yet they prefer the company of their herd mates. You would think that the cows would eventually want some alone time, but they are rarely alone.

I’m sure there are some Democrat cows but they’re eating calmly alongside their Republican herdmates. Black, White, Brown, Red -it doesn’t matter. They’re all part of the same herd.

Life lessons cows

Cows don’t fight wars, they live in harMOOny

3- Never Eat Alone

Cows don’t eat alone. They’re usually eating alongside their friends. They are probably making deals and forging partnerships on their lunch break. Eating alone is unproductive.

4- It takes Courage to Lead the Herd

Cows are herd animals, they do everything together. Nobody wants to be a leader, but somebody has to do it. Trying to convince them to do something alone is nearly impossible. Eventually, a courageous leader will emerge and take the chance; it may take a while though.

Life Lessons from cows

It takes courage to lead the herd, but someone has got to do it!

5- Gentle but Full-Force

A cow will weigh over 1,000 lbs. The full grown cows will weigh 1,500-1,700 lbs. They understand when they’re older that they don’t need to rush – they just slowly and powerfully push into the world. It is a good reminder- no need to rush, just push. You will get to where you’re going

6- Don’t be annoyed by nosey people, they’re just curious

Cow Nose

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  1. Hi, sounds like you and the cows are this tight. Where do they go when they’re retired from lactating. Must be sweet for them after all your great bonding !

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