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10 Times Cows Photobombed Me


The classic act of Photobombing  Photobombing is when someone accidentally or purposely puts oneself into the view of a photograph, usually to play a practical joke on the photographer or the subject.

One thing I’ve learned is that cows really enjoy this art form. They like to have fun. Here are 10 times that I was photobombed by the cows around our farm and the farms I was touring:

1. This Cow would not Stop

Photobombing cow

Can’t stop, wont stop

2. Whos Photobombing Who in this One


The differences in personality

3. I was just trying to get a picture of her milking

Photobombing milk cow

4. On a dairy tour and this happened

A Photobombing cow

The cows are out trolling

5. It doesn’t get any worse than this


6. My sister had no idea


7. Jerseys are Stars

Dairy Cows

They want to be in all the pictures

8. The baby Calves do it too

Calves photobomb

9. And the Jerseys…

Jerseys photobomb

Are pros at it

10. Every time

The Photobombing cows

Do you think they do it on purpose or not?



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