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Did you know that the average dairy cow can eat over 100 lbs. of feed per day. Many of the older cows will even eat...

There are certain moments in life that we all can relate to- Cows have them too. Here are some of those relatable life moments...

About the Cows

Did you know there are over 800 breeds of cows recognized globally. And even though there are a large number of cattle breeds, there...

Dairy and Health

Lactose intolerance is often misunderstood. How much do you know do you know about lactose intolerance; some of the facts may surprise you:Lactose intolerance...

You can actually cure yourself of lactose intolerance. All it takes is a little dedication to change the microflora in your gut. Drink a...

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What if I told you that George Washington donned a milk mustache as he led the colonial Americans to freedom from England


Blame Game articles don’t solve California water problem

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