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Milk can make you Smarter

It may sound outrageous to some, but the fact that milk can make you smarter is nothing but common sense when you dig into...

10 Times Cows Photobombed Me

The classic act of Photobombing-  Photobombing is when someone accidentally or purposely puts oneself into the view of a photograph, usually to play a...

About the Cows

Those White Piles with Tires on Dairies

What are those… white piles on dairies with all the tires? If you’ve driven by a dairy farm and seen large white piles with...

Dairy and Health

Are there Hormones in Milk?

Are there hormones in milk? Wading through all the fearorism out there about this topic, this article hopes to share the truth and a...

How much Butter people Eat

How much butter do you eat? Probably not that much, people in the past ate wayyy more butter than you do today. Our society...

Worthy Reads

How Milk helped America Win its War for Independence

What if I told you that George Washington donned a milk mustache as he led the colonial Americans to freedom from England

Stories about Cows

Cows in Antarctica

Antarctica is the final frontier, known for its icy vistas and desolation. Many explorers died making the trek to the southernmost point on the...


California Drought: don’t blame the Farmer

Blame Game articles don’t solve California water problem

Pictures and Quotes about Corn

Corny pictures and quotes to inspire

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